Are you signed up for your next training session? Did you know you can sign up online?

Our online portal allows you to sign up and check in for sessions, track remaining visits, and purchase new programs. But this system is about more than simply streamlining bookkeeping. Signing up ahead of time can also help athletes become faster, stronger, and more resistant to injury.

ADAPT coaches treat every training session as an ongoing assessment of how you can improve. We use a combination of observations during training and baseline testing measures to create a comprehensive profile for each athlete. With only minutes in between training sessions, it is tough to provide feedback to a departing group of athletes, prepare the training space, and review the entire training history of the incoming group of athletes. When you sign up for a training session hours ahead of time, however, we can study your injury history and progress made in previous sessions in order to generate specific goals for your upcoming session.

Ultimately, signing up for training sessions ahead of time lets you get the most of your training experience and helps ADAPT serve you to the best of our ability. We look forward to planning for your next visit and hope you sign up for your next ADAPT session today!


How to sign up for your next session:
  1. Go to
  2. Click “Schedule”
  3. Choose the class that you would like to attend
  4. Click “Sign In” and “Next”
  5. Enter your information:  If you have already set up an account, enter your email and password OR If you have not set up an account but have sessions on file, select “Need New Password” and type in the email address associated with your account to set up a password.
  6. A message should pop up and confirm you are registered for the session
If you have any questions about signing in to your account, email Peter at