Learn to Train

Ages 10 – 12

1 session per week

for 8 Weeks


2 sessions per week

for 8 Weeks


unlimited sessions per week

for 12 Weeks


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1 session per week (for 8 Weeks)

2 session per week (for 8 Weeks)

unlimited sessions (for 12 Weeks)
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 The Learn to Train group is for pre-teens, ages 10 to 12. This is the golden age of learning,  as it is the best time to learn and master multiple movement patterns and general sport skill before the peak developmental processes begin. The training program for this age group introduces a more formalized training structure.

Goals include:

  • making movement patterns automatic
  • developing strength through bodyweight and free weight progressions
  • medicine ball training
  • taking advantage of this critical window for speed development

Competitive games are utilized to develop endurance and incorporate decision-making in order to improve cognitive skills necessary for sport. Speed development is the primary emphasis in this age group.

Monday – Thursday | 5:30 – 6:20pm
Saturday | 10:00 – 10:50am