Train to Compete

Ages 15 and up

1 session per week

for 8 Weeks


2 sessions per week

for 8 Weeks


unlimited sessions per week

for 12 Weeks


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1 session per week (for 8 Weeks)

2 session per week (for 8 Weeks)

unlimited sessions (for 12 Weeks)
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The Train to Compete group is for athletes who have finished their main growth spurt but have not completed high school (around 15 – 18 years). Individuals in this stage engage in all facets of the training system.

Training goals for this group include:

  • increased individualization of training programs based on an athlete’s needs
  • greater specialization of programs that reflect the specific demands of an athlete’s sport or sports
  • greater focus on recovery techniques due to higher competition and training volume

At this point in an athlete’s career, it is appropriate to specialize in one or two sports. The Train to Compete stage is about optimizing human performance and learning how to compete at the highest level possible.

A training session in this group will utilize more advanced training methods and programming given the athlete has established a solid foundation of training.  Athletes in this group can expect to utilize squatting, hinging, lunging, pressing, and pulling movements with appropriate external loads in the form of  kettlebells, dumbbells, or barbells. The training objective for this age group is to develop higher levels of absolute strength in order to increase force production capabilities.  Athletes should also expect to see an increased use of moderate to advanced level plyometrics and technical speed development drills to increase power output and movement effecicncy. Addtionally, some athlete may be exposed to Olympic lifting progressions to develop power if appropriate.

Monday – Thursday | 6:30 – 7:45pm

Saturday | 11:00am – 12:15pm