Train to Train

Ages 12 – 15

1 session per week

for 8 Weeks


2 sessions per week

for 8 Weeks


unlimited sessions per week

for 12 Weeks


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1 session per week (for 8 Weeks)

2 session per week (for 8 Weeks)

unlimited sessions (for 12 Weeks)
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Athletes in the Train to Train group are typically at the onset of their main growth spurt (around 12 – 15 years old). This is the most critical stage of development for strength and power development as well as general endurance.

Training goals for this group include:

  • building an aerobic base
  • developing a foundation of strength during the primary growth spurt
  • maintaining flexibility during this period of rapid growth
  • focusing on training and development rather than the number of games and competitions

This stage presents a critical opportunity to prepare the body to train and compete at higher levels. Building a bigger engine in this training group sets an athlete up for success in the next stage of development as performance in competition becomes increasingly important.

A training session in this group will focus on building competency in the fundamental movement patterns (squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling,etc) primarily utilizing body weight as a load. Relative strength and strength endurance is built through higher volume repetition schemes in a circuit training format.  Athletes will be introduced to technical speed development drills and low level plyometrics that focus on landing and cutting mechanics.

Monday – Thursday | 6:00 – 6:50pm

Saturday | 10:30 – 11:20am