For the past fifteen years, my life and passion has been dedicated to preparing athletes for sport. My professional journey has afforded me the opportunity to train athletes from all skill levels, backgrounds, and sports. I’ve trained NBA all-stars, collegiate soccer All-Americans, little league standouts, and the weekend warrior who has simply wanted to be the best guy on his city league team. In training all of those athletes, there has been a common theme in terms of their readiness to perform at a high level. All of them lacked a solid foundation of fundamental movement abilities to anchor their physical capacities. In other words, they all lacked a solid training history where they had been exposed to quality training methodology and logical progression.

All of these athletes were ticking time bombs and/or under performers! They all lacked something in regards to their physical readiness that either led to under performance in their sport or competitive activities—and in most cases was leading them down a path to acute or overuse injury and a never-ending pain cycle due to poor efficiency of movement. For some years now I have wanted to try to find a way to create a system that would allow for all athletes, especially those at an early age, to engage in a training process that would allow them to move more efficiently and decrease injuries. The ADAPT training system is that system.

The ADAPT mission is to physically prepare its athlete-clients for high performance on game day. That means providing a training program and environment that develops the physical qualities necessary to execute sport-related skills with greater speed, power, and precision than your opponent. The ADAPT paradigm is centered on building an overall better athlete, not training specifically for a single sport. Our primary objective is for those athletes who complete the ADAPT program to exhibit dramatic improvement in their abilities to sprint, jump, change direction, prolong resistance to fatigue, exhibit durability, and focus in the clutch. These are all outcomes that allow athletes to choose their own sport and dominate it because they are better prepared than their counterparts.

I am excited to share with you a training system that I hope will make you change your approach to fitness and preparing for sport. At ADAPT, we will assess and profile your potential weaknesses, create a PLAN to address your rate limiters, then PREPARE you in our systematic training to ensure that you PERFORM optimally on game day. ADAPT athletes “train”—they don’t “work out”—because training transcends one day of sweat. It is a process that drives behaviors and commitment to getting better each and every day.