Spring has sprung! The grass is greener, the weather is warmer, and the snow mountain in the Barracks Road Shopping Center has finally melted. Spring also means it is time to dust off your softball and baseball gloves, lacrosse sticks, soccer cleats, and track spikes. As you head out to the fields and courts this spring, reflect on all of the preparation that went into this season.

How can you get the most out of your hard work this offseason? Don’t stop training!

Here are two reasons to incorporate in-season performance training into your routine:

  1. Reduce your chances of sustaining an injury

The Seattle Sounders team in Major League Soccer studied the habits of its own players to reinforce the importance of in-season and off-season training compliance. They found a high correlation between adherence to in-season and off-season performance training protocols and reducing the incidence of injury.

No one wants his or her season cut short due to injury, and additional research has demonstrated that training in-season can be a key way to decrease the chances of spending a season sidelined.

  1. Maintain preseason fitness levels

You’ve just completed an intensive 8-week training block to prepare you for your upcoming season. You already feel the increased levels of strength and power helping you get to first base quicker, kick the ball farther, and throw the ball faster.

Physical qualities operate in a train-it-or-lose-it fashion. To maintain suppleness, you must do mobility drills. To maintain strength, you must engage in strength training. To maintain an optimal level of conditioning, you must engage in more than sports practices and competition.

Let’s say that now you are going to focus exclusively on baseball for 16 weeks. Without any performance training to supplement your sports practice, where will all of your hard-earned gains in performance be by the end of baseball season? Do you want to stay as quick, strong, and conditioned as you were when you started the season?


At ADAPT, we encourage engaging in performance training at least one time per week in-season. Come speak with us, and we can help you establish a training schedule to retain fitness gains, reduce the chance of injury, and maintain on-field performance without overloading your system. Helping you keep your hard-earned performance upgrades during your season is one of the ways ADAPT is building better athletes.