Whether you are healthy, injured, or returning from injury, athlete screening and testing provides us with information that can help you reach and maintain full health and improve your performance.

Screening refers to examining how your body moves to check your risk of sustaining an injury. When you go to the doctor for a checkup, you expect him or her to take your temperature and measure your heart rate even if you do not show up with a cold or infection. Doctors use this information check for any red flags with these basic measurements. An injury screen works the same way.

Before you write a check your body is not prepared to cash, we should see how many funds your body has in the bank. After a quick review of the mobility, stability, and alignment of your joints in fundamental movement patterns, we can offer you personalized feedback on what you need to work on in order to stay healthy during strenuous training and competition.

In addition to checking your “movement temperature” with a screen, we can complete your athletic profile by testing your athletic abilities. Performance testing includes tasks like vertical jumps, broad jumps, and timed sprints and change-of-direction patterns. Conducting this testing determines where you are now and what direction you need to go as you venture off on the journey of athletic development mastery.

ADAPT can help you become faster, stronger, and more powerful…but probably not all at once as research indicates. What should we focus on first? It depends on which athletic qualities limit your performance.

Maybe you overpower your opponent for three quarters but feel gassed in the fourth quarter of a football game. Maybe you are the fastest person on your soccer team but keep getting pushed off of the ball by stronger players. Performance testing identifies which of these qualities to focus on to help you continue getting better and allows us to measure changes over time.

Using the results of screening and testing gives you the best chance to stay healthy and improve any rate limiters to your performance. We cannot individualize your training without these baseline measures of your movement quality and capacity. Ultimately, gathering your baseline measures through athlete screening and testing helps ADAPT build better athletes.