What are the characteristics of top achieving athletes? Is there a formula for their success that you can replicate? At ADAPT, the athletes who improve the most in our performance testing and move the quickest through strength training progressions follow a 5-word maxim:


It is a simple formula that yields fantastic results. But adhering to this simple maxim is not easy. Let’s look a little closer at how these 5 words come together to form the ultimate mantra to maximize your performance.


Becoming your best requires sacrifice which makes “give” an appropriate term. Establishing a mindset that recognizes this necessary sacrifice at the outset makes “give” the ideal first word of this maxim.


The next part of the formula asks for “your best” and not “the best” for a reason. Using your own performance potential as a measuring stick rather than comparing yourself to others ensures that you stay focused on what you can control and improve.


Exerting effort demonstrates a connection to the task at hand. Effort is given when athletes care about a result and understand that industriousness is the best way to achieve that positive outcome.


Many athletes can give their best effort once in a while, but only the truly exceptional do this consistently to build on their progress and achieve their performance goals. Ultimately, the focus and discipline required to repeated give high effort makes being consistent the toughest part of this maxim.

The next time you wonder how to achieve success in the gym, the classroom, or any sports arena, just remember this 5-word maxim. Coaches at ADAPT are committed to helping you give your best effort every session so you achieve your training goals. This consistent effort is yet another way that ADAPT builds better athletes.