7A.D.U.L.T. Performance Training 

“Athletic Development Utilizing Longevity in Training”

ADAPT’s adult performance training program is for individuals seeking not only a higher level of functional fitness, better results, and experienced coaches, but also a corrective mindset to reduce the risk of injury and nagging aches and pains, and an all-around healthy lifestyle, making you a better athlete for sport and life. We address all aspects of wholesome health – physical, mental, emotional, and social. We incorporate lifestyle habits, nutrition and recovery coaching alongside training sessions.

If you compete, you’re an athlete. ADAPT coaches will educate, motivate, and challenge you to compete with yourself. We implement proper exercise progressions and research-driven training methods in pursuit of your goals that also create sustainable healthy habits.

We offer monthly memberships of semi-personalized training in a small group setting (4-6 people), as well a semi-private (2-4 people) and private training packages. Training is by appointment. Memberships start around $20/session. Semi-private training starts around $24/session, and private sessions start around $47/session.

Small Group Membership Training Schedule

Performance Training (Strength + Conditioning):

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays  6:05am / 8:50am / 10:50am


Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:50am


Why should you be training like an athlete at ADAPT?

Athlete Profiling

What kind of athlete are you? An assessment will show us your strengths and weaknesses, and what the body needs to both look and feel better. We have to make changes from the inside (MINDSET FIRST) out, so let’s learn how to move (MOVEMENT) right and get rid of some aches and pains, so we can actually see comfortable, proper progress.

Movement Preparation

Did you know – you can’t just move. You have to PREPARE to move in order to move safely and at max efficiency. Think about it. How would it feel waking up in the morning, standing out of bed and immediately leaning into a sprint? Not good! Let’s wake up the brain, warm up the body and move better.

Movement Training

Life is a wild ride! Hypothetically speaking, we’re constantly taking a step forward, but sometimes backwards, right? Sometimes we serve left and shuffle right to avoid obstacles or get places faster. You get my point – physical activity and life have a lot in common and can help prepare us to MOVE better through it, in more ways than one.

Strength Training

Let’s get you stronger – for both sport performance (those fun things you want to do) and general life (playing with your kids, carrying all the groceries in from the car, getting up in the morning without feeling stiffness and limited range of motion, and loading the boat up to go fishing.)

Energy System Development

Let’s get you faster. Let’s get you to go farther. We will train all energy systems – making you quick to react, stronger for longer periods of time, and bring that endurance back you haven’t had since you were a child on the playground. No more getting out of breath with a single flight of stairs.


Recovery is key. Work hard, play hard…but you have to recover hard in order to repeat that cycle. Too much intensity with lack of recovery can lead to a decreased quality of life, and you won’t know it until you’re already living it. Let’s take some time to decrease stress, mentally and physically, and give our body the proper nutrients and TLC it needs, at all the right times.

You just have fun and train, let us do all the work! Us coaches have extensive background, education and experience monitoring individual progress and making changes to produce further success, which means and requires different things for every single athlete. Let us figure that out FOR you, so you can spend your time enjoying that improved lifestyle, and not just trying to figure out how to get there.

We all have goals. We all have something big in life we want to accomplish, or maybe a series of smaller goals that have to happen sequentially, right? What’s yours? Our general physical preparation will get you better at life, but let’s also bring those specific goals into play. Let’s practice some skills needed for that, so when GAMETIME comes, you’re more than ready!

To learn more about ADAPT Adult Performance Training, email Coach Kelsie at