Real Stories

“I want to give a huge shout out to ADAPT… Ever since I have been here, coming back from the combine, I have been working out here. It’s been amazing facilities, great people, and very consistent. I encourage anybody who is around Charlottesville to check it out if you want to be great.”

Bryce Hall

Defensive Back, New York Jets

“I wanted to show appreciation for Kenny, from ADAPT, looking out for the boys this offseason… He took care of us making sure we were ready to go. I can’t thank him enough. If you want to get some work in, hit Kenny up, ADAPT Charlottesville.”

Rashard Davis

Wide Receiver, Tennessee Titans

“I wanted to give a quick shout out to the ADAPT family, for making me feel at home each and every week. Best place to train here in the area and I highly encourage you to come out, and get some work in here.”

Joe Reed

Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Chargers

Since partnering with ADAPT, our athletes have benefited in strength, conditioning and flexibility. Their staff is professional, knowledgeable and very flexible in scheduling. One of the best things we have done with our program.
Coach Eric Sherry

Charlottesville High School Head Football Coach

Since my children have started ADAPT, I have noticed an increase in their agility, their foot speed, and they have found the “next gear” when out on the playing field or on the court.  They never complain about going to train at ADAPT– its fun, motivational and had inspired them to be better athletes.  I would recommend this program to parents whose kids need to “get comfortable with their feet”.  To learn about how to move and improve as an athlete, avoid injury, and enjoy an athletic challenge in a stress free and supportive environment.
Jenn Corbey


I’ve been working out for decades and am thrilled to have discovered ADAPT. The trainers are so knowledgeable about movement and body mechanics that they’re able to tailor a precision workout that targets exactly what the client needs and/or hopes to achieve. I was particularly impressed with the assessment they conducted before the first workout even occurred. Because such care was taken to understand my body they tweak exercises to correct imbalances. Forget being in a large class where trainers yell to compensate for lack of knowledge or with your average trainer who doesn’t take the time to truly know what you need. This is the best training I’ve experienced.

Amy Gardner

ADULT Performance Training Program, and parent of youth member

ADAPT Performance is my go-to recommendation for any and all of my athletes. Regardless of age or skill level, ADAPT’s programming elevates players speed, strength, mobility, agility and overall athletic performance. Whether you’re just getting involved in athletics or looking to play professionally, ADAPT is no brainer to take your athleticism to an entirely new level.

Damin Altizer

Owner of Dr1ven Training, Elite Basketball Player Development

I am a local high school volleyball coach and the ADAPT team of coaches keep our athletes in the game. Coach Kenny visited our program and did a mini clinic on ankle mobility, glute activation and jumping mechanics. It was perfect for our female athletes to hear his expertise and to learn something new about injury prevention that they can manage at home off the court. I know many of my high school athletes have trained at ADAPT and come back with more flexibility, agility and strength. I HIGHLY recommend this team and fully believe in their methodologies and mission!

Julie Radlinski

Parent of youth performance training member

I have been training at Adapt for my for my first full pro season and have never felt more prepared as I head into spring training. This is all thanks to Kenny and the great work he does. I would recommend Adapt to anyone in the Charlottesville area, you won’t be disappointed! 

Will Wagner

2020 5th Round Pick, Houston Astros

I met Kelsie after suffering from a sciatic nerve issue. From the beginning, she encouraged me to continually challenge myself work out to the best of my ability, and to eat the right foods. I have kept her on her toes; between my pinched sciatic nerve, food allergies that challenged my nutrition, appendicitis and falling two times resulting in injuries. She has always encouraged and worked with me to keep me on the right path. She is such a kind-hearted person and truly inspires me! Without pushing me too hard, Kelsie was able to keep me working to see the results I was aiming for. So far, I have gained strength I never thought I could have, and decreased my waist size by 6 inches! Her knowledge, spirit and determination has kept me staying healthy and inspired me to continue the push to my goals!

Becky Shifflett

Adult Performance Training Program, and Lifestyle Change & Nutrition Participant

We’ve been extremely pleased with the excellent coaching and training by ADAPT. Coach Szabo has been very easy to work with and has helped both my daughter, with increasing her vertical jump as well as agility, and my son, with speed and agility. I highly recommend the ADAPT team if you want to help your child achieve great things athletically.
Marc Degennaro


This has been the best thing that I’ve done. I can’t believe that it took me so long to sign up. I love the smaller class and the personal coaching. They have taken proper precautions for us to feel safe during these crazy times. Love that Kelsie takes a strive and most importantly believing in me. Also making sure that I’m working on what I need to make sure I accomplish my goals.

Kelly Molina

ADULT Performance Training Program member

Smart, comprehensive, and individualized. ADAPT’s coaching has helped me make measurable improvements in strength, mobility, stability, and body composition that I see in my running and in everyday activities. ADAPT is more than a game changer, it’s a life changer.

G. M.

ADULT Performance Training Program member

I have consistently been training with adapt for almost 2 years. During that time, my strength and movement have gotten immensely better and my injuries/nagging pains have decreased. My workouts are designed to what I want to get better at. Last week I came in and said I wanted to improve my lateral speed/reaction time and coach Kenny immediately put me through drills specific to my wishes. The environment is also extremely positive and uplifting. Often times I go in having a rough day but I leave feeling rejuvenated. The staff is always in a good mood and it’s contagious.

Ella Weaver

Member, William Monroe Senior, Committed to University of Buffalo

I have been going to ADAPT since the beginning and I absolutely love it. With the help of Peter, Michael, and all of the coaches the ADAPT training program has increased my flexibility and my power and distance on the golf course. The ADAPT program has helped me to become stronger, more confident, and a better all-around athlete.

Ben Fallica

ADAPT Athlete

My son couldn’t wait for me to take him to ADAPT. And I couldn’t wait to let Coach Peter and his team spend an hour with my bundle of energy! I’m a big believer in teaching kids good physical habits early on and ADAPT has been a great compliment to my son’s tennis training and best of all, he has fun.
Yvette Stafford

Parent of 7-year-old FUNdamentals Athlete