Building Better Athletes

Individualized Training

based on an athlete’s long-term athletic development

Agility, Power, Strength, Speed, Injury Risk Reduction

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The ADAPT performance training system is designed to build a better athlete from the ground up, with progressions that span athletic development from ages 7 and up. Early progressions focus on learning how to move efficiently while increasing strength and speed, so the athlete is equipped to play a variety of sports. Advanced progressions focus on preparing for the demands of specific sports and overcoming each athlete’s limitations.

Athletic Performance Assessments

Athletic Performance Assessments include standing vertical, max vertical, dynamic strength index, 5/10 laser time, broad jump, triple jump, pro agility, and a movement assessment. Following the assessment, athletes will be provided with training recommendations and rankings based on test scores, as well as a corrective exercise protocol based on their movement screening. Cost is $50 per athlete. Sessions are about 45 minutes and can be scheduled below.


Corrective/Functional Movement Assessment

Corrective/Functional Movement Assessments provide the coach with an opportunity for immediate feedback for potential areas of improvement, as well as gather valuable information about the athlete’s training history. Based on the assessment, coaches can build an age (and sport) appropriate training program to reduce risk of injury and increase athleticism for both athletes and adults. Assessments start at $50.


Since my children have started ADAPT, I have noticed an increase in their agility, their foot speed, and they have found the "next gear" when out on the playing field or on the court.  They never complain about going to train at ADAPT-- its fun, motivational and had inspired them to be better athletes.  I would recommend this program to parents whose kids need to "get comfortable with their feet".  To learn about how to move and improve as an athlete, avoid injury, and enjoy an athletic challenge in a stress free and supportive environment.

Jenn Corbey